Twitter to Arduino……..Everything but the Flashing LED!

(This Post is a class requirement for History 9832b Interactive Exhibit Design)

How simple can it be?  Get Twitter to send a command to my Arduino and turn an LED on.  For the life of me I can find every inconceivable Twitter to Arduino combination from Twitter controlled toilets to Twitter notification for Kitty.  But find a simple Arduino or Processing Sketch that can turn an LED on from Twitter, I can’t!

In order for Arduino to receive commands from Twitter it has to be connected to a computer with an internet connection or it has to have an Ethernet Shield or a WiFi Sheild.  I’m going to opt to run it through the computer for simplicity sake.  Doing so requires me to run a Processing script to receive Twitter commands and then process those commands to Arduino to turn on a light or do some other function.

Although there was plenty of chatter about limits to how many times Twitter can be accesses in an hour, apparently this limit has been taken off of Twitter, so now no additional code is required within Processing to overcome this.  Additionally, Processing needs to be authorized to access or receive from Twitter, so another step is to setup an API account on Twitter to do so.

After three days of this I’m thinking that instead of Twitter, we’ll just do this the old fashion way and have two contestants pound a button as fast as they can so that Arduino can receive the commands physically to raise the flag!

My plan of action is this now:

  1. Get Processing to turn an LED off and on.
  2. Get Twitter to go through Processing to turn an LED off and on.
  3. Get Arduino to turn a gear (which will later hoist a flag) through a Twitter command.

I’ll be lucky at this point to accomplish this!  And no, I don’t want to see another Sketch to turn my toilet seat into a Twitter notification!

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