The Wanderbirds!

Posted By on Sep 21, 2015

This blog is dedicated to my Mentor and Friend, Kaj Pindal. In the fall of 2004 I met Kaj Pindal professionally while working temporarily as the Program Coordinator for the BAA in Animation at Sheridan College.  Although I knew of Kaj and had had him as a guest speaker when I was at Sheridan as a student in the 90’s, I really didn’t get a chance to know him as a colleague in the animation industry.  Everybody in the...

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Vectors & 3D Animation!

Posted By on Feb 14, 2012

Last week in Bill’s 9832b class, we spent some time understanding how to visualize within a Vector environment.  I can’t believe that I’ve been working with Adobe Illustrator, a 2D Vector graphic design application, for almost 18 years!  Even with all of those years, I learn something new every time.  As you can see in my post Flag Widget! – Part I I used Illustrator to trace out an object into a vector file...

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Johnny Thunder!

Posted By on Jan 4, 2012

Johnny Thunder was an interesting development project at theskonkworks/Calibre Digital Pictures.  Originally conceived as a pitch to get Bob Thompson from Lego Media (Co-Creator of the Bionicle Brand and Executive Producer of the first three Bionicle movies) interested in further expanding Lego’s film & tv universe.   I had recently returned from Aardman Animations in the UK to become Director of Development and then...

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