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Twitter to Arduino Hack!

Posted By on Mar 28, 2012

(This Post is a class requirement for History 9832b Interactive Exhibit Design) I have to say, this project has been a tough slog!  As discussed in previous blog’s, there are a lot of Twitter to Arduino hacks out there, but each has their own very specific approaches, which at times are hardware and/or software dependent.  Further I’ve learned that I’m a purely visual learner when it comes to physical objects or...

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It Works………Kind of!

Posted By on Mar 15, 2012

  Okay, it’s been several weeks now.  I’ve tried many Twitter to Arduino and Twitter to Processing Sketches, but the best one is this one I found is this! Twitter to Processing Sketch: // Twitter myTwitter; void setup() { myTwitter = new Twitter("yourTwitterUserName", "yourTwitterPassword"); try { Query query = new Query(“sandwich”);...

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(This Post is a class requirement for History 9832b Interactive Exhibit Design) How simple can it be?  Get Twitter to send a command to my Arduino and turn an LED on.  For the life of me I can find every inconceivable Twitter to Arduino combination from Twitter controlled toilets to Twitter notification for Kitty.  But find a simple Arduino or Processing Sketch that can turn an LED on from Twitter, I can’t! In order for Arduino...

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Vectors & 3D Animation!

Posted By on Feb 14, 2012

Last week in Bill’s 9832b class, we spent some time understanding how to visualize within a Vector environment.  I can’t believe that I’ve been working with Adobe Illustrator, a 2D Vector graphic design application, for almost 18 years!  Even with all of those years, I learn something new every time.  As you can see in my post Flag Widget! – Part I I used Illustrator to trace out an object into a vector file...

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Johnny Thunder!

Posted By on Jan 4, 2012

Johnny Thunder was an interesting development project at theskonkworks/Calibre Digital Pictures.  Originally conceived as a pitch to get Bob Thompson from Lego Media (Co-Creator of the Bionicle Brand and Executive Producer of the first three Bionicle movies) interested in further expanding Lego’s film & tv universe.   I had recently returned from Aardman Animations in the UK to become Director of Development and then...

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