war of 1812

In Defeat, There Is Victory!

Posted By on Apr 8, 2012

In my mad rush to try and get this project to work, I completely lost sight of Bill Turkel’s initial comment when I and my fellow History 9832b Interactive Exhibit Design classmates first started; “it’s okay to fail”.  I think as students we’re subconsciously ingrained to think that success is only measured in the completion of an assigned task or the delivery of an end product rather than the path of...

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1812 Twitter War Pre-planning!

Posted By on Feb 9, 2012

(This Post is a class requirement for History 9832b Interactive Exhibit Design) This week I started to pre-plan for the scale model I intend to build for our final project in 9832b.  Although I spent a good part of my career drawing, I opted to do a mock-up with found images on the internet and a little Illustrator.  I find from a creative perspective, doing something like this art-board helps to rapidly prototype the types of images...

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