Special Projects – Longhouse 3.X

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theskonkworks is pleased to announce the collaboration between ASI (Archaeological Services Inc.), Sustainable Archaeology (SA), Museum of Ontario Archaeology (MOA), the University of Western Ontario (UWO) and assisted by 3D Animation and VFX industry veteran Craig Barr (@The_Mudroom) to research, design and develop the implementation of a virtual 15th century Iroquoian Longhouse experience for mobile, desktop and gaming environments. By combining traditional Animation, VFX and Gaming techniques with Archaeological research, we hope to develop a prototype production pipeline, content creation and public engagement experience through scientific visualization.  An innovative and entrepreneurial Industry & University partnership for the advancement of new technology, techniques and methodology.

Longhouse 3.x will be an open source heritage resource tool specifically designed for the public, educators and researchers to experience the sights and sounds of a reimagined 15th century Iroquoian house.  Designed to incorporate mobile devices, Stereoscopic 3D experiences and remote desktop exploration, Longhouse 3.x will provide a unique setting to envision the archaeological record of Ontario within virtual reality.  Longhouse 1.0 and Longhouse 2.0 describes previous research in the field of 3D visualization of longhouses and how our understanding of representing the past is framed by the technology and archaeological theory that enables public engagement.

theskonkworks is grateful for the funding provided, the experience to enhance public engagement and the opportunity to engage with the study of the archaeological record in a new and groundbreaking way.  A personal thanks to Dr. Neal Ferris (Sustainable Archaeology/University of Western Ontario), Dr. Ron Williamson (ASI), Dr. Dean Snow (Penn State University), Dr. John Creese (North Dakota State University), Claire van Nierop & John Dunlop (ASI), Geoff Carter (Structural Archaeology), Noel Hooper (Sheridan College), Namir Ahmed (Ryerson University), Andrew Alzner (Intelligent Creatures) and Dr. Joyce Wright (A.H.B.I. Associates Inc.).  

Please feel free to explore Longhouse 1.0, Longhouse 2.0 and Longhouse 3.0 as we start to "reimagine the past".

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