Virtual Archaeology


Over the next several months, SKW will be curating the steps towards developing a phenomenological virtual archaeology experience. Longhouse 1.0 and 2.0 provide a brief glimpse into some of the initial research that was conducted and sets the stage for our Longhouse 3.x major project to substantially visualize within a 3D gaming environment, a Northern Iroquoian 15th century inspired longhouse.  This work could not be possible without the generous support from archaeologists Neal Ferris, Ron Williamson, Dean Snow, J.M Wright, John Creese, Namir Ahmed and our 3D artists Craig Barr, Andrew Alzner, Mahmoud Rahnama and Jamie Kwan.

Longhouse 3.x will be the major repository of daily activities, research, and exploratory discussions.  Feel free to comment, question or advise whenever and as frequently as you like. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the process of visualizing archaeological data as well as some of the implications of reimaging extant cultural material.